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Welcome to MAR Enterprises which is currently hosted on my personal development site of

This site is fundamentally about the implementation of web technologies ( HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, Photoshop, WordPress and Digital Photography ) that I’ve learned over the last several years at NWTC.

Even though the site is founded on a semantically correct HTML5, CSS3, and utilizing the efficiency of JQuery scripts, please notice the design side of the site as well.  Check out the colors, bevels, gradients, shading and digital photography that is utilized throughout the site.

The Header is using a JQuery Nivo slider that was slightly modified to work with WordPress and to fit into the defined header space.   This simple and light slider also works well on any smartphone and tablet which was a top design requirement.

Please notice the roll-over effects on all navigation and that all links are in a consistent Orange color.  This will give the user an instant visual clue on links.  Poor navigation and link implementation are some of the biggest issues I have with the user interface and experience.  The fundamental location of the navigation, along with the interactive visual feedback, is key to a excellent user interface.

The Green Bay Trout Unlimited (GBTU) website is my lastest work and where a great deal of my web time these days is devoted. Check it out at  Buy yourself a cool ball cap or simply donate to a great cause in protecting our cold water resourses.

Thanks for visiting.  –  Mike